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Unit type DC/DC, with consideration for Railway Service
Vibration & Shock Resistant on Railway Standard
JIS E 3014, 3015 2-B for Railway Signal (Conformed Design)
IEC61373 1-B for Railway Vehicle (Conformed Design, RDS50-110)
● RoHS compatible design(5th Generation Concept)
● Small-size package :minimizing 50%
● Unified stile size by 82mm height
● Available to enter for 2U rack-mount(19inch)
● Safety-terminal cover for live-electric parts as terminal block
● Suitable for rugged environment and heavy duty equipments
● -40°C~-10°C operating temperatures
● Coated circuit board
● Designed to meet MIL-STD-810F (shock and vibration)
● Safety terminal ”covering current flowing part secures safety for users
● Medical Standard (EN60601/UL60601) approved
● Leakage current less than 0.5mA
● Safety terminal ”covering current flowing part secures safety for users. “
● Up to 3 times peak current.
● High power in compact size.
● Low acoustic noise due to automated control fan.
● Follow HWS series concept.
● Ideal for drive line load due its high reliability and easy-to-use.
● All models conform to EN61000-3-2. (SWS100/150/300/600 with integral active PFC filter)
● Worldwide safety agency approvals: CE marking for LVD, UL/CSA/EN60950, EN50178
● EMI : Conform to EN55011-B, EN55022-B, FCC-B
● EMS: Conform to EN61000-4-2,3
● Low Profile: slim design with the thin of 61mm
● Wide operating temperature range (-20°C ~ +74°C)
● Temperature controlled fan
● Reduced acoustic noise
● Worldwide-applicable input, super-slim type (1U/2U rack size)
● Meeting the standard of the harmonics current limiter EN61000-3-2
● EMS standard complying with EN61000-4-2/3/4/5/6/8/11
● Electrolytic capacitor lifetime: 60,000H or over
● DIN rail attachment correspondence
● 87% of electric power conversion efficiency, high electric power density 0.21 W/cm³
● A sag alarm lamp is equipped standardly.
● Circumference [ operation ] temperature: -10-50°C of 100% load use are possible.
● CE marking(Low Voltage Directive)
● Wide input voltage range : Universal input 85 ~ 265VAC
● PFHC(EN61000-3-2)
● EMI(EN55011-A,EN55022-A,VCCI-A,FCC-A)
● EMS(EN61000-4-2,-3,-4,-5,-6)
● G2 : 3 year warranty