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● Compact size / Standard power supply
● Input : 85~132VAC, Height : 68mm (10W~50W type)
● 30 models, 3.3V output type is also lined up.
● Option : Cover
● G3 : 3 year warranty
● Compact 1U rackmount and high power density
● High Efficiency
● 5 units mountable in a 1U shelf rack
● Hot swap and redundant parallel operation available
● The outside control function with the PM bus(option)
● Compact low height, and high power density
● Wide input voltage range :85~265VAC
● 3 units mountable in a 1U rack
● Shelf type selectable (3 units mountable)
● Hot swap and redundant parallel operation available
● Status signal communication i
● Ultra-compact high-capacity front-end power supply
● Complying with the semiconductor-process device voltage sug immunity
● specifications in the SEMI regulations
● Equipped with broad-range output voltage adjusting function (36V type: 6.0-55.0V)
● 200V three-phase input
● Equipped with a function to vary output over a waide range
● Approved by safety standards
● EMI: Complying with VCCI-A/EN55022-A, Immunity: Complying with EN61000-4-
2/3/4/5/6/8/11, EN61000-6-2
● Splash proof (IP66)
● Compact and slim
● Constant Current or Constant Voltage Versions
● CE marking Meet to Low Voltage Directive : Approved by EN60950
● Machinery Directive (Approved by VDE0160)
● Universal Input(85~265VAC)
● EMI (Built to meet EN55011-B, EN55022-B, VCCI-B, FCC-B)
● Remote ON/OFF control (Optional model)
● Conforms to ATX12V Ver1.3 Spec. Applicable to the most advancing CPU
● Detechable type of harness applied to output.(makes cable connection flexible)
● Compiles with Lead free manufacturing process
● Uninterrupted switches to battery backup operat
● Universal input (AC.100 to 200V; Switching not required).
● Life of electrolytic capacitor: 60000H min
● Lightweight design
● Cover (30 to 150W) type is semi-standard specification product
● 24V model can supply the peak current
● Warranty per
● CE marking (Low Voltage Directive)
● Wide input voltage range: Universal input 85~265VAC
● PFHC (EN61000-3-2)
● EMI (EN55011-B,EN55022-B,VCCI-B,FCC-B)
● EMS (EN61000-4-2,-3,-4,-5,-6)
● G2 : 5 year warranty